Headlong Hearts Bio

Headlong Hearts are a Vancouver-based roots band composed of five seasoned veterans of the west coast live music scene. A decades-long musical trust, they write great original songs, sing in stacked harmony, and deliver ace musicianship on guitars, violin, banjo, mandolin, bass and drums. Headlong Hearts are entertainers first and are always focused on making a great experience for audiences. The band released its full-length original album “What We Call Forever” in July 2022 and is currently gigging and writing new songs for their next album.   

Matt Kennedy

Matt plays guitar and mandolin, sings, and writes the majority of the original songs in Headlong Hearts' repertoire. He has an intimate knowledge of fish biology and a keen ear for melody.

Brad Gillard

Brad has been a member of Westcoast bands Clambake, The Clumsy Lovers, Mountain Bluebirds, and Juno winners The Paperboys.  Raised playing drums and cello, in Headlong Hearts he handles banjo, mandolin, guitars, and vocals. 

headlong hearts he sean mcguire photo

Hugh Ellenwood

A bon vivant and Headlong Hearts' resident scholar, Hugh plays the violin like a man possessed and sings in a deep baritone down where few can reach.

Mark Henning

Steeped in performing live, including the rock band 'Pure', Mark has decades of experience writing, touring, studio engineering, and music and video production.

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Matt Brain

A drummer and percussionist with great taste and touch, Matt has provided his talents to top West Coast bands including The Grapes of Wrath, The Paperboys, and currently also the busy Daryl Chonka Band.  

all individual photos above courtesy of Sean McGuire